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Country music group Little Big Town is composed of members Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman (née Roads), Philip Sweet and Jimi Westbrook.

Fairchild and Schlapman sang together in college. Although they parted ways after graduation, they linked back up in Nashville, in 1998. It was there that they formed Little Big Town with Sweet and Westbrook.

The group's self-titled debut arrived in 2002. It seemed like the start of big things, but their label closed its Nashville branch and released them from their contract. It took another three years before they signed to a new label and released their sophomore album The Road to Here in 2006.

Critical success started rolling in shortly thereafter. The group took home the CMA Award for Top New Vocal Duo/Group in 2007.

From there, Little Big Town began churning out best-selling album after best-selling album: A Place to Land (2007), The Reason Why (2010), Tornado (2012), Pain Killer (2014), Wanderlust (2016) and The Breaker (2017), which included a song written by Taylor Swift, titled 'Better Man'. It ended up winning the Grammy for Best Country Duo/Group Performance.

During that time, the group tackled new topics in country music. Their complex and beautifully written 2014 single 'Girl Crush' detailed the lust a woman feels toward the woman who's dating the man she loves. At the time, some listeners thought the song dove into a confession about lesbianism, but the group has denied that claim.

Little Big Town released their latest album Nightfall in 2020.

  • Full name: Little Big Town
  • Hometown: Homewood, Alabama
  • Genre: Country
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