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The Avett Brothers

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The musical partnership between Scott and Seth Avett started long before their 2002 debut album Country Was. The brothers grew up playing music with their family, including a more professional attempt when Seth joined Scott and their sister Margo’s college band Nemo. 

But ultimately it was Scott and Seth’s roots-infused harmonies and their genre-blending sound that has stood the test of time. They just needed one more musician to round them out. The pair met upright bassist Bob Crawford around 2001 and began performing together. From there, the Avett Brothers was set. 

Combining numerous roots genres, including bluegrass, folk, and even honkytonk, their music showcases an earnest and intimate lyricism, which has earned them Americana Music Awards for Duo/Group of the Year and Grammy nominations along the way.

Since their debut, the Avett Brothers have continued to release a steady churn of beloved and best-selling albums, including 2007’s Emotionalism, 2009’s I and Love and You and 2012’s The Carpenter — the latter two of which were produced by Rick Rubin. 

In 2017, they released a documentary titled May It Last: Portrait of the Avett Brothers, which took viewers behind the scenes of their 2016 album True Sadness.

  • Full name: Scott and Seth Avett
  • Formation date: January 1, 2000
  • Hometown: Concord, North Carolina
  • Fun facts: A musical based on their music, titled Swept Away, is due to debut in 2022.
  • Genre: Country, Indie Rock, Bluegrass
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INTERVIEWIn Conversation: The Avett Brothers

By Thomas Mooney, March 10, 2021

The Avett Brothers are trying to understand the world, and themselves, a little better - one song at a time.