Holler Weekly Ep.12

PODCASTHoller Weekly Ep.12

By Holler , June 15, 2021

Callista Clark takes part in the One Hot Minute Challenge! Will she defeat the current OHM champion Jordan Davis for the title belt? 15 is a tough score to beat - but can she do it?

Holler Weekly Podcast Episode 11 with Jordan Davis

PODCASTHoller Weekly Ep.11

By Holler , June 8, 2021

Louisiana boy Jordan Davis once caught a 3500-pound, 60ft great white. That's it - you're invested now, right?

Holler Country Music

PODCASTHoller Weekly Ep.10

By Holler , June 1, 2021

Flipflops and sandals, babies being 18 months old, Kelly losing her mind over Birkenstocks? It's just another typical episode of your favourite transatlantic weekly podcast.

Holler Weekly Podcast Ep 9 with Baylen Leonard and Kelly Sutton

PODCASTHoller Weekly Ep.09

By Holler , May 25, 2021

Garth Brooks' National Geographic Series, Allison Russell's new album Outside Child and memories of the Grand Ole Opry are all discussed on another episode of Holler Weekly.

Holler Weekly Podcast with Baylen Leonard, Kelly Sutton and Priscilla Block

PODCASTHoller Weekly Ep.08

By Holler , May 18, 2021

Baylen and Kelly are joined by a very special guest - the one and only Priscilla Block!

Holler Country Music

PODCASTHoller Weekly Ep.07

By Holler , May 11, 2021

Snow cones, TikTok, raspberry wine and Luke Bryan's mum. We really do cover it all at Holler Weekly. On our seventh episode, we get the inside scoop from Cassadee Pope on her new music and love of pop punk, plus Fancy Hagood chats about the importance of telling your own story.

Holler Country Music

PODCASTHoller Weekly Ep.06

By Holler , May 4, 2021

Kelly brings home all the treats and insights from Dollywood. The pair discuss Thomas Rhett's return, balancing life and career and what country means to him. Also, they chat about their love for the wonderful Ashley Monroe.

Holler Country Music

PODCASTHoller Weekly Ep.05

By Holler , April 27, 2021

Baylen and Kelly discuss how good the forthcoming albums from Kacey Musgraves and Yola are going to be and how RVSHVD is one of the next big things in Country. Finally, Jof Owen joins the gang to really settle the age-old question... What Is Americana??

Travis Denning

INTERVIEWOne Hot Minute: Travis Denning

By Madeleine OConnell, June 18, 2021

Before heading out for a relaxing day of fishing, Denning took some time to reflect on a few of his biggest accomplishments this year, getting back to live music and preparing to tour with the mighty Brothers Osborne.

Brittney Spencer

INTERVIEWCuts The Deepest: Brittney Spencer

By Carena Liptak, June 17, 2021

Brittney Spencer reflected on just a small selection of the albums that have inspired her – the five discussed highlighted as particularly powerful influences on who she is as an artist.

Holler Country Music

LISTThe Best Blake Shelton Songs

By Zoe Hodges, June 17, 2021

As he turns 45 today and celebrates 20 long years in the business, we delve deep into the ultimate Blake Shelton songs.

Holler Country Music

INTRODUCINGNew Artist of the Week: Matthew Fowler

By Amanda Wicks, June 16, 2021

Fowler's new single 'I'm Still Trying' details how one failure tends to highlight them all.